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The Organic Pharmacy ~ Organic Glam Mascara

So ladies next up on my Organic Glam -athon is mascara!
It's the one thing none of us, even you ladies who don't wear any other make up, can't manage without !!
Organic Glam describe this mascara as
 '5 years in production The Organic Pharmacy brings you OG ultimate organic and natural ingredient mascara with lash conditioning organic Aloe and beeswax along with vitamins A,E and C to create a fabulous new mascara that curls, lengthens and conditions all in one. The formula is 60% organic and is free from artificial colours, preservatives and fragrances making it ideal for sensitive eyes and full on wearable glamour.'

Organic Glam offer this mascara in both black & brown, and although I do wear brown mascara occasionally, I opted for classic black.
Mascara can be another item of make up that is difficult to find a good natural replacement for, so I had high hopes for this one, and certainly from it's on line description alone it sounded pretty epic!
So how did it stand up to 'real life' testing?
Actually very well indeed!
My typical day starts at 4.30am and so my make up has to last from around 5am till later the same evening.
 Mascara long with foundation is something I do not want or expect to be having to re apply again at all during the day.
So it has to give good definition to my lashes from the 'get go', thankfully this one did!
The mascara comes in a simple but chic tube, nothing revolutionary about its design, but it's doing the job!
The wand itself is made from plastic, as are the bristles, it is very slimline and quite flexible. The bristles are fairly short, which I found to be excellent for really getting to the root of the lashes to give them a good swish of mascara right to the tip.
I am pleased to say this mascara is 'black', and as we all know there is 'black' and then there's 'black' - this is a true black, so really makes your lashes stand out, even at a distance.
The wand does make application easy, as I've just said it really gives a good coating to each lash in just one coat,  creating a well defined look, without any clumping at all.
I have successfully managed to apply two coats of this mascara, without it getting too thick and looking like you have 'furry spiders legs' for lashes, my only tip would be apply the second coat just before the first is completely dry.
One coat gives a nice daytime defined look, two coats plumps up your lashes, giving that little bit more of an evening glamorous look.
The two things that impressed me most about this mascara was the fact that it lasts all day without causing any under eye smudges by the afternoon, it doesn't move or flake off,  but above all your lashes feel soft and flexible still, not hard and crispy!
 I can only put this down to the conditioning elements in the formula, and this is certainly going to cut down, if not altogether any lash breakages.
As for the lengthening and curling aspect to this mascara, well I'm on the fence about this one!
I am lucky enough to have quite long eyelashes naturally, and for me this mascara just coated and defined what I have already.  I don't really think it added any significant length to them, that I noticed anyway.
As for adding curl to the lashes, I have to be honest and say in my opinion it didn't add any extra 'curl'
but lets be sensible, really if you want a proper curl to your lashes, then mascara isn't the way to go, you need to use a pair of eyelash curlers before hand, then go over with mascara.
I will apologise in advance for my 'naked' eye photo above top,  however needs must and I am 39!!  
I wanted to show you exactly what this mascara looks like on, close up!
The bottom photo is thankfully more presentable with make up and mascara applied ~ so you can judge for yourselves! 
The only slight negative I can say about this mascara is it does apply very wet, now I know this sounds crazy, mascaras are a liquid so of course are going to be wet,
but this one feels wet as it goes on and does require a drying time of about 30 seconds, otherwise you will get blobs of black mascara under your eyes and on your lids too if you are not careful.
So no winking or fluttering your eyelashes ladies..........well not until it's dry anyway!
But once it's dry then that's it, it's budge proof for the whole day!
Overall though, I am very impressed with this mascara, it's good quality and although its natural you wouldn't know it,  as there is no compromise on performance.
   So would I buy this mascara again? ..... yes absolutely!
I'd rather it wasn't £20.95 however,  but even so I would re purchase it simply because it is a excellent natural alternative, that is 60% organic and it performs!
Purchase your Organic Glam Mascara here 

There will be a 'Face of the Day' post at the end of the week, using all the Organic Glam make up I will be reviewing this week, so stay tuned ladies to see it all in 'action'!
Till next time my lovelies!

Jenny xx

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