Saturday, 26 October 2013

The Organic Pharmacy ~ Organic Glam Lipstick

I love a good red lipstick and to be honest natural red lipsticks sometimes leave me a little disappointed as they are not pigmented enough for me.
However I am pleased to say The Organic Pharmacy ~ Organic Glam Lipstick in shade RED, definitely does not fall into that category!
Organic Glam describe their lipsticks as
'Rich creamy lipsticks to add the finishing touch to any look. Use alone or under lip gloss for an ultra glam look, infused with Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Green Tea, Grape, Lemon and Orange to protect and nourish whilst looking glam.'
I love the packaging of this lipstick, as with all Organic Glam products it is simple, chic and has a very luxurious feel to it, you certainly wouldn't be ashamed to pull this out of your handbag and apply it on the go in public!
This shade of red is the perfect colour for my pale skin tone and red hair, it is a deep cherry red.
It is also a fabulous classic 1940's or 1950's vintage colour, and you know how much I love 40's & 50's girls!
This exact shade sums up those era's for me in a nutshell, after all make up was all about the red lip back then!
However, a red lip never dates and will always look stunning!
The lipstick bullet has been very well designed, and is the perfect shape for applying straight to the lip, it is quite slender, perfect if you don't have voluptuous lips, and sadly I don't!
The lipstick itself applies effortlessly and gives good pigmentation straight away, it is incredibly soft and smooth both in it's application and the way it feels on the lips.
Another factor that impressed me is the amount of moisture in the lipstick, this is down to the shea butter and castor oil, that it contains.
 Red lipsticks can be notorious for drying out your lips, but not this one, my lips felt incredibly moisturised and super soft even at the end of the day.
The staying power of it is very good too, it lasted for a good few hours on me, and even after the initial glossy phase had worn off, I still had a red stain to my lips so I never looked completely naked!!
I always apply my red lipsticks in a very specific way to get the most wear out of them.
The first step to having a good red lip, or any 'lip' for that matter,  is making sure your lips are in good condition and well moisturised.
This means applying a good quality natural lip balm on a regular daily basis and using a lip scrub once or twice a week just to make sure there are no 'bitty' areas, and to keep your lips soft and supple.
This will provide the perfect base for your red lipstick.
While I am putting on my other make up, I apply a small amount of lip balm to my lips, just to make sure they are as fully moisturised as they can be, otherwise your red lipstick will end up sinking into your lips too much and not last as long.
Once my make up is applied, I blot off any excess balm, and then apply a red lip liner, I would never put on a red lipstick without using a liner.
 It defines your lips and allows you to make any corrections to the shape. I need to do some correction work, as my lips are not symmetrical and any sort of imperfection will show up straight away with a red lipstick.
Once I'm happy with the lip liner, I carefully apply the lipstick, either with a lip brush or straight from the bullet.
 I then blot my lips with a tissue so that only a stain of red lipstick is left, this provides a base of colour, which makes the next application of lipstick last longer.
After the blotting, apply your final coat of lipstick over the top. I sometimes go around my lips lightly with the liner again just to enhance them further.
This method should make your red lips last that little bit longer!
So far the Organic Glam red lipstick is the best natural red lipstick I currently own, and although it was expensive at £17.95, it is top quality and for me it was worth every penny!
Organic Glam lipsticks are available in seven shades and can be bought here

 ~Ingredients as shown on packaging ~

There will be a 'Face of the Day' post at the end of the week, using all the Organic Glam make up I will be reviewing this week, so stay tuned ladies to see it all in 'action'!

Till next time my lovelies!

Jenny xx


  1. Fantastic red, it looks really creamy and smooth. I'd be interested to know if it contains carmine at all? I couldn't see an ingredient list on their site. Look forward to seeing the OG face! x

    1. Hi huni, yes it does contain Carmine, I've put up an ingredient list photo for you now :-) hope that helps! xxx

  2. What a gorgeous red I bet it's stunning on you, I am putting Organic glam make up on my Christmas list my mother in law bought me a perfume for my Birthday and I love it, such a good quality brand Xx

    1. ohh I hope you get some for christmas, I'm sure you will love everything, I so want to try the perfume too it looks gorgeous! Thankyou sweetie xxx