Thursday, 7 November 2013

Secret Santa Gifts For A Fiver!!

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas..............
 The shops are filled to the gunnel's with Christmas goodies, gifts and decorations, we can't ignore it any longer and the sensible among us will be already starting to pick up a few gifts here and there.
It can be a very expensive time of year but it's still nice to be able to give a little something to everyone, and £5 is usually the amount set for office 'Secret Santa's' or Stocking Fillers.
It's true,  you can't get much for a fiver these days, but I have managed to route out a fair few little skincare gems for you, and all of them are of course either 100% natural or as natural as possible for the money.
OK lets dip in.............
My first two are from Our Tiny Bees Skincare Company, local to myself they are one of my favourite natural beekeeping companies, everything is 100% natural and superb quality.
The Honey Bath Melt Bar is £3.95, looks like an amazing bar of white chocolate and is certainly better on the waistline than a real bar of chocolate!!

The Honey Lip Balm is £3.95
Both can be purchased online here

The next few are from another of my favourite all natural companies again local to me in Derbyshire
Pure Thoughts.
Both wonderfully festive themed soaps are 120g each, all natural and only £4.50 each!
Olive & Lemon cuticle Balm £3.95
Mandarin & Olive Hand Balm and Mint & Avocado Foot Repair Balm are both mini sized tubs at 10g each all 100% natural and priced at £2.50.... yes that's right £2.50 each!!!
Pure Thoughts do 6 types 10g mini tubs from the two above to body butters all priced at £2.50 each.
So you can spoil your recipient with two of these for the £5!!!
Full sized 120g soaps 100% natural, choose from a variety of blends £3.75 each or you can mix and match with mini 25g bars for £1.25 each.
Kukui & Shea Butter Lip Balm 100% natural will quench even the driest lips! £3.95
All Pure Thoughts products are beautifully packaged and really give excellent quality and value for money!
Browse their online shop here
Everyone loves a bit of Burts Bees my next few are from their website directly, as prices can vary depending where you buy from.
Burts Bees Lip Balm & Cuticle Balm, currently reduced to £4.19 here
Burts Bees is very good at doing these excellent
value kits, this in my opinion is the best and most versatile, it contains two hand creams, a foot cream, cuticle cream and two lip balms.
Although this is £12.99 it can easily be split down into three separate gifts bringing the cost well below the £5 mark each, if you need more than one £5 pressie!
Get yours here
Figs & Rouge Vanilla & Orange Lip Balm, very festive feel to the flavour and who doesn't love their vintage inspired tins??
Feel Unique's Price is £4.95 get yours here
Weleda Mini Wild Rose Body Lotion, lovely packaging and a steal at £3.95
Buy yours here
We all love a bit of chocolate and if we can't indulge at Christmas then when can we?
I've found two beautifully festive gifts from ChocOnChoc, a UK company specialising in handmade chocolate gifts that are unusual!
How adorable is this Pink Snowman Bar? Comes in other styles too, Santa & Penguin
£3.99 each
Buy yours here
If white chocolate is your thing then you will love this small Igloo & Polar Bear
Buy yours here
Finally though, these last few just missed the £5 mark, but if you can find an extra £1 down the back of the sofa then these are great value gifts too!
Liz Earle 30ml Cleanse & Polish & mini muslin cloth, very nicely packaged within a festive star tin
Buy Yours here
Faith In Nature Shower Gel & Foam Bath nicely packaged £5.99 from Lucy Rose here
Burts Bees Beeswax Lip Balm Gift Tin £5.99 from Burts Bees online here
Phew!! It took some doing but I hope you will agree there are some pretty good gifts here for a fiver!!!
Till next time my lovelies!
Jenny xx


  1. Love this post, it's great to have some budget options for Christmas from some amazing brands. I think I want everything you've listed from Pure Thoughts and I can't wait to try the Bath Melt Bar as soon as it comes :) x

    1. Thankyou huni! Yes Pure Thoughts have really got some fabulous products - can't wait to hear what you think of the bath melt bar !!! Xxx

  2. That bath melt looks so good and the candy cane scented Pure Thoughts soap needs to be mine. You've found some brilliant things, I'm amazed that most are a fiver or less.

    1. Aww thanks Fran, yes I thought the Candy Cane would be right up your street lol! I amazed myself actually that I managed to find so many for £5 or less :-) xxx

  3. Nice ideas...wish I could do a trip back to london :-))!

    1. Thankyou flower, hope you get there! xx

  4. some lovely picks, I'm a fan of Pure Thoughts and often have bought over the years for gifts :)

    1. Thanks Sarah, great to hear you love Pure Thoughts too xxx

  5. Great idea! Thank you for sharing, I had forgotten about Pure Thoughts but they are firmly back on my radar now :) x

    1. Thanks flower ! So pleased I've reminded you of them xxx

  6. These are all lovely, I want the chocolate now, ;) Xx

    1. Thanks Ana huni, yes I want the choccie too, naughty but nice!! xxx

  7. Aww these are all so cute! I love the bars of bath melt from Our Tiny Bees. I love Weleda cracker I put the skin food one on my blog but didn't realise they did it in the rose body cream too! xx

    1. Thanks Amber, the bath melt is super xxx

  8. This is wonderful! I didn't realize you could get so many sweet things for so little. I might add that the Weleda site has loads of travel sizes, all of which would make great stocking stuffers or could be part of a gift set.

    Ali x

    1. Thanks Alison huni, yes Weleda do do some fabulous travel gifts too, thanks for the reminder they would be perfect :-) xxx