Sunday, 29 December 2013

The Burren Perfumery Organic Borage Herbal Balm

I first came across Burren Perfumery in quite an odd way really, back in the Summer I was watching a Tv show, which, if I remember rightly was called 'Nesbitt's Ireland'.
It was presented by actor James Nesbitt, and showcased his travels around Ireland, the places and business he visited, and Burren Perfumery was one of them.
I remember being quite glued to the tv as soon as Burren Perfumery came on, not only is the ethos and products of the company just what I like, a small family run business producing hand made natural and organic skincare and unusually perfumes, but it is situated in such beautiful and idyllic surroundings, it must be an absolute joy to go to work everyday.
The Burren Perfumery is situated on the West Coast of Ireland, and have been hand making and blending perfumes for 40 years on site.
The Burren Perfumery is open to the public, not only can you pay a visit to their on site shop but you can also see The Perfumery, Blending Room & Soap Room, where you can see first hand exactly how the perfume and skincare is blended and made, something which I would love to see!
There is also a Herb Garden, and Tea Rooms for a much needed refreshing tea & cake stop!
This would be my absolute dream day out, and although I've never had the pleasure of visiting Ireland, I am determined to go and The Burren Perfumery will be my first port of call!
 Their perfumes are inspired by the flora found naturally in Burren, but as these species of flowers & plants are protected the essences they use are grown for them across the world.
The Burren Perfumery also hand make in small batches, a small but good selection of organic skincare.
It had been on my mind to place an order from them ever since I discovered them, but as we know girls a Beauty Bloggers cupboard is always filled to the brim with products to try and I decided to be good and wait and use up a few things first!!
Just before Christmas I decided that I'd waited long enough to try something from The Burren Perfumery and I placed an order for a few goodies!
I do want to talk to you about their amazing Borage Herbal Balm, but my order did consist of a few more products,  Organic Comfrey Balm, Organic Cedar & Lemongrass Hand Cream, Organic Rose Otto Face Moisturiser & Organic Honey & Beeswax Lip Balm.
I will of course review all these for you in time, once I've used them for longer, but I have been so blown away by the Borage Herbal Balm that I just had to review it now!
The balm comes in quite a large aluminium tin and is 100% soil association approved organic ingredients. 
It's a multi purpose balm that can be applied to any sort of damaged, inflammed or ageing skin.
 Borage is one of the richest sources of GLA, which is well documented for it's anti inflammatory properties so this balm is ideal for dry and sensitive skin, as well as eczema and dermatitis prone skin too.
The balm has a lovely texture, some balms are hard as iron and are really difficult to remove from their pots and apply, but not this one its soft and smooth and blends onto the skin well.
It does have a very faint herbal smell, but it's not overpowering at all and not noticeable once on the skin.
~ Ingredients ~
As I said, I wouldn't normally tell you about a product I've only had for just over a week or so, however this balm has proved invaluable over Christmas!
Mr RHBD has had a very bad cold, it started well before Christmas and has continued throughout the festive period.
He has gone though literally boxes and boxes of tissues blowing his nose, and although he's been using Kleenex Balm tissues, which I've found do work very well usually at not drying out your nose, on this occasion they haven't worked, simply because of the sheer quantity of 'blowing' he's been doing!
Consequently his nose has been incredibly red and very sore, and although a red nose was very festive looking,  it had become very painful, with flaking sore skin.
Usually MR RHBD takes no notice of my 'organic skincare ways' and views it all with much scepticism, and would be happy as larry having a bath in Fairy Liquid!!
However, desperate times call for desperate measures and that time had come........ I was asked, 'Have you got anything for my nose?' while wafting his hand vaguely in the direction of my considerable skincare collection, and of course I had!
The Burren Perfumery Borage Herbal Balm was instantly deployed!!!
I gave him a small amount and he applied it all over his inflammed nose, this was just before bedtime.
 In the morning I was astounded to see that the skin on his nose not only looked a hell of a lot better but the redness had been reduced by a good 95%, yes it was still ever so slightly red but it was nothing compared to the inflammed beaming red beacon it had been the night before! The skin was also alot less painful and sore.
A couple of day's later, I was informed by Mr RHBD 
'It's good stuff, that balm'
 this in itself is highly irregular, as no comment is ever made about anything skincare related,  apart from the odd moan about how many products I have, and much to my amazement he had been using the balm, under his own steam, totally unprompted by me, on his nose and had been for the last two days!
It was then, that I knew this balm was indeed 'good stuff' !! and I had to write about it!
Mr RHBD's nose is much better now, it has healed up considerably in a very short space of time, and it is totally down to the healing properties of this balm.
This balm has more than earned it's place in my 'emergency skincare arsenal' of products and I have high hopes for the Comfrey Herbal Balm too, which is for bruising, swelling and minor wounds, so far I've not had to 'deploy' this but as soon as I do I will report back.
I cannot recommend this balm enough, I think everyone could benefit from having a tin of this to hand, especially now we are in full 'cold/flu' season for sore noses, but I could think of a myriad of uses for this balm in the winter, wind burn, sore dry lips, cracked knuckles and cuticles to name but a few.
The Borage Herbal Balm is 15 euro's, which is about £12.50 at the moment, for a 90ml tin.
I think this is super value for money considering its 100% soil association certified organic and top quality ingredients.
You can browse The Burren Perfumery website here
The Burren Perfumery do have a nice selection of perfumes, floral EDT and mens colognes, 
and The Burren Perfumery state ~
'Our Burren Botanical perfumes are formulated without the use of parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, animal derivatives, GMO ingredients or colourants'
  I was really pleased to see they also offer a samples service.
Simply send your name and address details to and which fragrance you would like to sample and one will be sent to you. 
I've sent off for a few, although it may only be one per customer I'm not 100% sure but I've asked for four, so will let you know how I get on with them, once they arrive.
So ladies what do you think?
Will you be giving The Burren Perfumery a try?
Till next time my lovelies
Jenny xx


  1. Great post. Your husband sounds just like mine.

    1. LOL! Thank Karen my lovely, yes I think husbands across the land are pretty much all the same!!! xxxx

  2. I have to email them asap! A must try for sure.

    Jenny I nominated you for the Liebster award! Have a look:



    1. Ohhh yes my love you must give them a go! Thankyou for the nomination xxxx

  3. Thanks for introducing this brand. Havent not heard of it before :-)


    1. Awe you are welcome I really love reviewing little known brands this one is fab and well deserving of more reviews and customers Thwnks my lovely xxx

  4. Great review! I got a couple of samples which I am enjoying using x

    1. Thanks Sandra! I can't wait fir my samples to arrive xxxx

  5. I love a good balm so this is right up my street & your hubby sounds like my boyfriend, finally got him using a natural moisturiser & he uttered the words about how nice his skin felt, took him a few months but we got there lol

    1. The balm is fantastic, I'm sure you would love it, all partners are the same I think lol! Xxx

  6. Lovely looking brand Jen those pots of loveliness sing to me even though I definitely don't need any more balms! The perfume sounds interesting too Xx

    1. I knew you would want this balm flower, are you sure you couldn't squeeze another into your collection lol! Xxxx

  7. Next time, make him buy his own. He's polluted yours with his germs! LOL! My OH is the same way. Thinks its a load of hyped up, expensive nonsense until he needs a fix.

    1. Hahaha! It was the first thing I asked him, and he assures me he washed his hands first! Xxx

  8. That's awesome, I might have to get myself some of that balm by the sounds of it!! :) x

    I'm doing a very small giveaway on my blog, I've not got a huge following yet so if you enter there's a very very good chance of winning...haha!! xx

    1. aww thanks Emily I would certainly get a tin and a few more bits besides they are a fabulous brand.
      I will checkout your blog and competition - feel free to leave another comment with a link to your blog flower xxx

    2. Oo I'll check out what else they have to offer :) x

  9. These sound wonderful! I wish I could visit them! One day... xx