Saturday, 28 December 2013

The Good Life.................

After all the Christmas and baking madness that's been on the blog throughout December so far, I thought I'd write about something a little different today.
I want to talk to you 'All About The Birds & Bees', nooooo, not that birds & the bees, I'm sure ladies, you are all well educated in that department already, and need no help from me!
I want to introduce you all to 'All About The Birds & Bees' is a brand new blog that is written by Dan Biggs.
Natural and organic beauty is my passion, and the mainstay of my writing, but those of you who know me and read my blog on a regular basis will also know, yes I love to be glammed up to the nines on a daily basis, but I'm equally at home in wellies and up to my knees getting 'down and dirty' in the garden!
 In other words my other passions in life are gardening and bee preservation.
Dan serves in the RAF, but outside of that he is an amateur beekeeper, and has set up a beekeeping charity for the RAF Benevolent fund, is an avid vegetable gardener and has more recently acquired four chickens so will be adding 'chicken whisperer' to his repertoire soon!
You may be thinking Dan has a huge farm or a small holding, but no, you would be wrong, all this is being done in the back garden of a quite normal suburban house..... AKA 'The Good Life' style!
Tom's, ahem, I mean, Dan's blog will be following the trails and tribulations of his 'Good Life' garden, and will certainly be an inspiration to anyone who is wanting to 'grow their own' and live a greener and more productive life, you don't need acres of land to do it, and Dan is living proof of that!
I am certainly looking forward to reading more from Dan, and seeing how his chickens fare and how the bees are getting on, and what veggies are coming up!
 I am myself going to give growing vegetables in containers a go next year, on the decking, just to see exactly how much produce I can get out of a small space, I will of course be sharing this with you all on the blog!
I am of a certain age and some of my readers will no doubt be far too young to remember the 1970's sitcom 'The Good Life' and therefore will have perhaps not understood my comparison of Dan's garden to it!
I was brought up on The Good Life and it is still my all time favourite sitcom, I can watch it time and time again and it always makes me howl with laughter.
You can google the storyline, but suffice to say in the 70's self sufficiency from the back garden of a suburban house was, lets say unconventional to say the least!
We all started somewhere, so go on ladies, if you are at all interested in gardening, beekeeping, chicken keeping or know someone who is, then give Dan's blog a read and a follow here.
Till next time my lovelies
Jenny xx


  1. What a cool little blog, I watched the good life when they repeated it and it had a very comforting feel to it to watch. I loved reading what he had to say so far and the idea of keeping bees is fascinating. As you know we have our first garden this year and have loads of space for veggies ect.. but we are very much learning as we do and have loads of prep to do for spring. I will enjoy reading his blog to keep me motivated Xx

    1. I just knew you would find this blog of interest, hope you do a few gardening posts on your blog this summer too xxx

  2. Ana,

    Thanks very much for the feedback it's really kind of you!
    Hope you are able to follow and no doubt learn from my mistakes as they happen along the way!!