Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Vintage Hair & Natural Make Up 1940's Style

If you follow my blog you will know I am a vintage girl at heart, I love the 1940's (and 50's!)
Women looked like women and weren't afraid to show off their curves,   and men mostly were wearing military uniforms ~ well what's not to love about that I ask you ????
In my humble opinion not a damn thing!!!
Every woman always looked polished and well groomed,  even though there was shortage of practically everything during the war years of the 1940's, and even after the war ended,  the cosmetics, skincare and haircare products were very sparse and basic compared to what we have at our disposal now girls!
So I am always in awe of the ladies of the 1940's who always managed to look so glamorous, using very little,  even if they were wearing a military uniform or overalls working in factory, they still 'pulled it off' and I think we can all take a leaf out of their book today ~ classic simple make up and well groomed hair will always be chic ~ no matter what 'style' is currently in vogue or decade we are in!!
I try to incorporate a bit of vintage style into my everyday look and it really is quite easy to achieve.
The look I've done for you today is one I wear most of all, it's quick and simple and looks good both day time and evening, although if you really want to go full on vintage then 'victory' rolls would be in order in your hair rather than it just being pinned half up!

Vintage 1940's make up is all about the red lips, eyeliner & lashes with volume and well defined eyebrows, everything else is pared down, skin is pale but flawless, well as flawless as I can get it!, just a hint of blush and the eyeshadow uses only two matte shades, a pale base and a crease contour shade just to define the eyes and give a little shape to them but nothing too smokey.

I've almost got a full face of natural make up, only a couple of items are conventional so it can be done if you are a green girlie!!
Organic Glam Antioxident Foundation in Shade 0
Dr Hauschka Eyeshadow Palette in Stone Colours
Studio 78 Paris Mascara in Black
Studio 78 Paris Mineral Blush in 02 we Walk in the Fields
Studio 78 Paris Matte Mineral Powder in Shade 01
Organic Glam Lipstick in Shade Red
Boots No 7 Lip Liner in Shade Fire
VIVO Liquid Eyeliner in Black
To create the hair, it really is just a case of curling it a section at a time using a medium barrel curling iron, I pin the curls in place while they cool.  I always curl away from my face.
Once the curls are cooled, take out the pins and roughly but gently,  using your fingers soften them up so they are not as tight, then I just simply part my hair and pin half of it up using bobby pins & voila vintage inspired hair! 
I don't use hair spray as my hair holds a curl very well, as it is naturally curly if left to it's own devises and I don't straighten it first, so it wants to be curly!
However it's not a nice curl,  so I do straighten first then curl it my way!
So there we have it a vintage inspired style that really can be worn by everyone!
Go on ladies get your red lips on and high heels out and give vintage a go!
Till next time my lovelies!
Jenny xx


  1. Looking very nice. Really feminine :-)

  2. Such a gorgeous look, I also love how the 1940s women rocked the effortless glam x

    1. thankyou my lovely, bring back the 1940's ! xxx

  3. The late 1950s through to the middle of the 1960s are my favourite era, style-wise. But I do love your look. Have you seen the absolutely gorgeous clothes done by Irish brand Charlotte & Jane? I think you would like them, I know I'm in lust with their latest A/W line.


    1. ohhh I will check out that brand I've not heard of them before thankyou flower xxx

  4. Jen you are a true beauty, absolutely stunning. I love reading your blog posts, they are so inspiring. Honestly you are breath takingly beautiful xxxxxx

    1. OMG! Jen what a amazing and humbling comment thankyou so much my lovely I really appreciate it xxxxx

  5. Love this post! Incredible products and you look absolutely gorgeous! You definitely pulled off the 40-50's look :) x Liz

    1. aww Thankyou Liz my love, the products are truly fabulous and even better they are green! xxxx

  6. You're so gorgeous - I want your hair! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves