Sunday, 12 January 2014

New Year Healthy Diet Diary ~ Week 1

Well I've made it to the end of the first week of my heatlhy eating 'diet' and I'm still alive ~ just about!
My first week has been a mixed bag really, I've not found it too difficult to keep to my goals and have had no tea, diet coke or alcohol at all or any other naughty goodies!
I did have a bit of a wobble on Wednesday after work, I was feeling so tired I just wanted to flop down in front of the TV and watch Nigella Express and I was sooooo tempted to put the kettle on and have a damn good cup of tea, but I didn't, I had a good old glass of 'council wine' instead! (just between us that's tap water!)
What's made it easier, I think, is definitely forward planning and preparation.
Drinking sparkling mineral water also helped in the first couple of days at work, with my diet coke 'problem', it gave me that 'fizzy' hit, but now I'm just having plain water.
I am at work for 6am so eat my breakfast as well as lunch at work, and preparing both as soon as I get home from work in the afternoon, for the next day has made it easy to stick to eating only what I've taken with me, it's saving me money too as I'm not buying anything, especially my 500ml bottle of diet coke a day habit!
The downside to it has been I've not been feeling well at all, very very tired, headachy and quite sick at times and just generally under the weather and not myself.  I've really struggled at work and just wanted to go straight to bed as soon as I've got home!!
My skin has also taken a turn for the worse and I'm looking quite dreadful and even more ill now than I did last week!!
I've started the diet as well as it being 'the time of the month' this week, so all in all not a good combination of events! So I'm hoping that things are going to start improving next week and beyond and balance is restored to both my mind, body and skin!
On the positive side I've lost 3lbs this week, which I'm really pleased about, especially as I haven't done any exercise as such!
A 2lb weight loss each week for the next 3 weeks would be great,  so it's certainly an incentive to keep going!!
I'm only a size 8 but at only 5'2" any weight I put on really shows, even just a few pounds and it's always on the tummy,hip thigh area, so I need to 'nip things in the bud' before they get out of hand, and I would be more than thrilled with a 8lb weight loss over the course of this 4 week diet!
We shall see if I can do it!
~ What I've Been Eating ~
For my breakfast at work I've been having pretty much the same thing, mixed berries (frozen but defrosted overnight) low fat natural yogurt and about a small quantity of pumpkin & sunflower seeds, these are high in fat, but it's not saturated fat and are rich in a variety nutrients and plant based Omega 3's, and as long as you are not 'muching' large handfuls of them all day long, and count their calories in with your daily allowance,  then it shouldn't pose any problem.
For lunch it's been a big bowl of salad, with a variety of salad vegetables and either 4 slices of wafer thin ham, a tin of tuna chunks or a couple of boiled eggs. 
I've had a apple and a couple of clementine oranges for a mid morning snack.
The dangerous time for me is really when I get home from work at 2.30pm, that bit of a lull between then and evening meal time is usually when I want to eat something naughty!
I've been having a couple of Rivitas, the dark rye ones are lowest in calories, with just a small scraping of really light Philadelphia, with a few glasses of water and that seems to have satisfied my afternoon nibbles cravings!
My evening meals have been quite simple and quick, just plain Chicken Breast with Salad, Chicken & Vegetable Pasta, Sweet Thai Chilli Chicken Kebabs with Salad & a small Baked Potato, and usually fruit salad or a plain yogurt for dessert.
Two recipes I've enjoyed making this week are Chicken & Vegetable Pasta and 'Weekend' Spiced Berry Crumpets! Both are quick, very easy and cheap to make!
~ Weekend Spiced Berry Crumpets ~

This recipe serves 2 ~ approx 260 calories per serving
~ Ingredients ~
4 Crumpets
100g Fat Free Natural Yogurt
150g Fresh Strawberries Sliced
50g Raspberries
50g Blueberries
1/2 tsp Mixed Spice
2tsp Honey
~ Method ~
Toast the crumpets until golden brown, meanwhile put the fruit & mixed spice into a frying pan on a medium heat and cook for around a minute until the fruit is softened.
Put two of the hot crumpets onto a plate and top with half of the fruit, top this with 50g of the natural yogurt and 1tsp of honey.
~ Chicken & Vegetable Pasta ~
This recipe serves 4 ~ approx 550 calories per serving
~ Ingredients~
340g of Chicken Breast Strips Fresh or Frozen
1x Onion Chopped
1x Courgette Chopped
1x Red Pepper Chopped
Fresh Basil Leaves
1x Can of Chopped Tomatoes with Italian Herbs
Tomato Puree
Can of  '1Calorie' Cooking Oil Spray
400g Penne Pasta
~ Method ~
Put a large frying pan on a medium heat, spritz the frying pan with two or three oil sprays, add the onion and saute until softened but not brown, next add the chicken breast strips and cook until golden brown.
Add the courgette and red pepper and cook for a further 3-5 minutes.
Put the pasta onto cook.
Finally to the frying pan, add the chopped tomatoes, and a little cold water used to rinse out the can and a squeeze or two of tomato puree. Mix together and allow to simmer down, while the pasta is cooking in until the tomato sauce has thickened.
At the last moment before serving mix in a few fresh basil leaves.
Divide the pasta into 4 equal amounts and top with a quarter of the chicken & vegetables.
Finally garnish with a sprinkling of fresh basil leaves.
So that's pretty much how my week has gone!
Jenny xx




  1. Keep up the excellent work!!!

    Very impressed. Changing your diet is really trickly, especially when changing unhealthy eating habits.
    You go, girl!

  2. I think my screen froze and killed my comment! I was going to say congrats to you on such a successful first week! Your meals actually sound pretty yummy and not "diet-y", if that makes sense.

  3. Sounds great! Sorry to hear you've been feeling crummy, but good for you changing habits and giving up the coke especially! I've heard of a lot of people experiencing those tired/headachy/under the weather feelings when first giving up things like that - some kind of sugar detox/withdrawal reaction. Hopefully you'll feel better this week :)

  4. Well done you! I also think your suffering withdrawal symptoms but your body will re-adjust. Those crumpets and the chicken & veg pasta look really good.


  5. Congratulations on your first week! Think i'm definitely going to try the crumpets recipe :) Your body should re-adjust soon enough, i always find i feel rubbish the first week if i change my eating habits, hope it ocntinues smoothly for you in the next 3 weeks :)

  6. I'm liking the look of those crumpets, I normally put jam on top but why have I never thought of fruit lol. I gave up the fizz pop the other year but if I want a little treat I go for the sparkling Greenbottle drinks, pomegranate & elderflower is my favourite, I assume it's slightly better for you than diet coke ??

  7. Oh this post just made me very hungry! Crumpets look and sound amazing! I know how you feel about your skin breaking out, worse side effect of my detox appears to be my pizza face. Thankfully its starting to clear up, hope yours does soon xxx :)

  8. Good job beautiful! Pop is awful and you're only going to feel better in the long run. You have a killer body already but I applaud your new healthy lifestyle. Good luck xo