Saturday, 4 January 2014

New Year Healthy Diet Diary

Happy New Year everyone!
I think we are all feeling the after effects of over indulgence after Christmas and New Year in terms of our waistlines perhaps being a little bigger!!
 I certainly know I am also feeling the negative effects of drinking alcohol more regularly, eating a larger quantity of food than normal, and food that is not at all healthy over the festive period,  in terms of my general health and well being.
I'm more tired, sluggish and am finding getting a full nights proper sleep practically impossible at the moment!
 My skin has also suffered, it's not as clear and has lost it's 'glow' and I just look pretty unwell without any make up on and have had several comments asking if I am 'OK' or 'poorly' even with make up on,  so it is quite evident that I am not looking or feeling at my best at the moment!
This happens every year to us all, and I'm sure many of you are perhaps feeling the same way.
So ladies from Monday the 6th, I have decided to do a month long healthy eating 'diet'.
I'm using the word 'diet' loosely because I think eating healthily should be a way of life,  not something we do for a short period to loose weight then go back to eating rubbish again.
I don't believe in 'fad' diets or quick fixes such as meal replacement drinks or any of that, you may loose weight initially but you will pile it all back on and then some, once you return to normal eating.
If you want to loose weight and look and feel well, it's simple really consume less calories than you're body is burning and just eat healthy freshly prepared low fat foods.
I will be restricting myself to 1400 calories a day, freshly preparing home cooked low fat meals as much as possible, cutting out refined sugar as much as I can and cutting out tea and fizzy drinks.
I am a devil for drinking diet coke and have at least one 500ml bottle a day at work.  I have tried before and failed to give it up completely, so it will be a challenge to see if I can do it!!
Giving up refined sugar is also going to be hard, and I am fully expecting to be rather grumpy for the first week or so!
I will be sticking to the rule of only eating foods that have a fat content of 5g or less per 100g of product.
This does involve reading the nutritional labels on foods in the supermarket, but I've done it for years so it's second nature to me now and I don't find it a bother.
I will be cutting out white bread, and only eating granary where necessary.
 I will try to restrict my carbohydrate intake too, for example if I have a sandwich for lunch I won't have potatoes or pasta for dinner.
Carbohydrates will turn to fat and in turn weight gain,  if you are not burning their calories off quickly enough, and I found that for me eating too many of them does exactly that!!
Obviously I will not be eating cakes, biscuits, crisps, chips, cheese, pizza etc, etc or any other high fat, high calorie laden foods with little or no nutritional value, and no alcohol either!
I hope nothing too stressful or disastrous happens in the next 4 weeks that a glass or two of wine might cure!!

I have three books to help me along the way
 'The Fat, Fibre & Carbohydrate Counter
 Rosemary Conley's Low Fat Cookbook 
 The Hairy Dieters Cookbook,

The Hairy Dieters Cookbook is a fairly new addition to my cook book collection and I haven't tried any recipes from it yet, the other two are old faithfuls I've had for years.
So ladies I will be sharing my 'diet' journey with you all in a weekly diary style post.
This is where I would like your help, this type of lifestyle post is a little out of my usual remit of beauty so I would like to know what you ladies would be interested in seeing me write about exactly.
I have decided on a informal chatty 'diary' style post on a weekly basis, however what shall I include in it?
Do you want to see for example
Exactly what I've been eating on a daily basis including calorie content ?
General chit chat about how it's going & how I'm feeling ?
What my weight loss /inch loss has been ?
Please let me know ladies, I don't want to bore you all writing about something you don't want to read about,  so any ideas will be gratefully accepted.
Please either leave me a comment below or tweet me directly @RedFox_Diaries, also if there are any of you out there who are embarking on a similar journey let me know!!
Thankyou my lovelies in advance !!
Jenny xx


  1. I love your recipes. I struggle for inspiration for quick and easy meals for the evening. I think a little of everything would be good, it's always reassuring to know someone else is in the same boat as you x

    1. Thanks Karen ;-) I will def include some recipes, evening meals are always a problem I know lol! Thanks so much for your feedback my lovely xxx

  2. I'd love to see recipes and a food diary. Giving up alcohol is always hard for me, I don't drink a lot but I do like to have my glass of wine now and again!! I am cutting way back on sweets to start off the new year--I am cookie/candy/sweet-ed out after the holidays. I'm sure once I get all that unnecessary sugar out of my system I'll start feeling much better and not so sluggish!!

    1. Thanks Martha! I'm the same I don't drink a lot but do like a glass of wine or Baileys after work sometimes! Lovely feedback Thankyou again hunny xxx

  3. Hi Jen, Happy New a Year - It's a great idea to go for healthy diet (& definitely ditch the diet coke for a zillion reasons)! Nutrition & absorption of nutrients is as much to do with beauty as what we put on our faces, so the two are interlinked & I always advocate a holistic approach.
    My suggestion is to only limit saturated fats & to make sure you get good fats in the form of avocados, almonds (best soaked overnight), flax seeds (ground) & oily fish such as salmon. Also, beware of 'low fat' or '0% fat' processed foods as they often have masses of added sugar, salt & bulking agents to compensate - yuch.
    Also don't ditch tea completely, go for Rooibos or Green Tea for a healthy antioxidant hit! (Rooibos has no caffeine).
    In my experience, if you give foods up for a month or two, they sort of lose their appeal after that. Enjoy your food & don't try to be 100% perfect, go for the 80-20 rule. It's got to be enjoyable - that way you'll stick to it.
    Good luck! x

  4. Bread, sweets and potato chips (crisps) are my downfall. I find if I restrict them, my weight is good. I'm looking forward to reading about your progress.


  5. I also love your recipes! Make sure to do things progressively, in order to avoir any vitamin deficiency. I've been dairy free for a few years because of chronic sinusities (milk produc. increases inflammations) It was quite hard at the beginning but now I'm used to it. I used to be a big diet coke drinker too :) I stopped by first replacing it with organic and natural lemonades. And slowly I cut off those fizzy drinks as well. But don't be too harsh on yourself, take your time, lovely :) What I do when I want to cut off any sugar completely is that I increase my veggies intake so that I feel fuller and I try to be outside as much as possible to walk and avoid snacking ;-) xx Liz

  6. Maybe your posts will spur me on to eat healthy. Looking forward to some recipie posts xx

  7. This is so admirable and I hope it goes well :) I would love to see recipes as I need to try and be a bit healthier myself! At the moment I'm vegan, which you think would be healthy, but I've managed to still snack on junk, so I think my diet might need a bit of an overhaul this year! x