Friday, 30 May 2014

Beautiful Beefayre

I really cannot believe that I have only just recently discovered Beefayre!
I am, as most of you lovelies know, an avid gardener and lover of all wildlife but particularly bees, and am always keen to search out natural brands that have something to do with helping to sustain bees in one way or another and Beefayre fulfil that and then some!
Beefayre's gifts are 'inspired by nature' and I cannot express how beautifully illustrated and designed their products are!! 
The stunning illustrations, mainly of bees and flowers, although butterflies and birds do make an welcome appearance too, are the creation of Sharon Jervis, who is the company founder & director.
As I browsed their website I fell instantly in love with each and every product I saw, and if money was no object I could,  and would have,  ordered one of everything!!
I usually go for skincare but I have been looking for a natural alternative to Yankee Candles, although I love their fragrance, I don't love the black sooty smoke the jars give off or the fact that they use paraffin wax, which I would prefer not to be burning & breathing in the potentially toxic fumes in my living room!
Beefayre have a very good varied selection of scented candles, which  are made from 100% plant wax and cotton wicks.
After much deliberation, I finally chose two of their large candles in Rhubarb & Raspberry and Bee Loved (Rose Petal) scent. These have a approx burn time of 50hrs.
Each candle comes beautifully boxed, illustrated to the hilt with bees and flowers relevant to the scent!
Not only is the boxing gorgeous but the candles themselves are just as pretty!
The bee & flower illustrations are repeated again on the glass jar of the candles, and once my candles have been burnt I will be reusing them as tea light holders, so I can continue to enjoy their beautiful designs.
The illustrations continue the whole way around the candle jar.
 I was staggered just how scented these candles were, when my parcel arrived I had only just started to open it when I could smell them!
It is hard to describe the fragrance of the candles, but I would say they were very true to their scents.
The Raspberry & Rhubarb is just exactly that! Although I'd say it errs more on the side of rhubarb than raspberry!
Its a very warm scent and it just makes me want to eat a rhubarb crumble or a rhubarb and custard sweetie!
I absolutely love it, and if you fancy a change from floral candles then this is a good one to try, without straying too far into the unknown!
The Bee Loved (Rose Petal) is a beautifully classic rose scent, but not sickly sweet at all.
It really is a true to life fragrance, just as if you were putting your nose to a real old fashioned rose in the garden.
If you like rose scents, and I do, you will adore this one!
The large candles are £14.95 each, good value I feel for the quality and unique design and 3% of profits are donated to bee conservation.
However if you just want to dip your toe in the water, then a pack of 3 tea lights are £6.95 and a smaller votive glass candle is £7.50.
Have a browse here

Beefayre also sell a lovely range of blank greetings cards. There are several designs but I chose my favourite four. Each card has 'nature notes' about the flowers and bees it depicts on its reverse.
My intention is to have these mounted and framed as a group, and will have pride of place above my dressing table in the bedroom.
The cards can be purchased as I have individually,  or as 'Seeds for Bees' cards, 4 designs of cards with a 3gm pack of British Wildflower Seed Mix in each card.

The individual cards are £2.50 each and the 'Seeds for Bees' cards are £4.95 each.
Both are very reasonably priced and 5% of the profits from their sales are donated to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, so even more reason to add a card or two to your order!
There are several more designs to choose from, other than the four I have shown you, have a browse here 
Beefayre have many more beautiful gifts from skincare to home wares and even jars of honey!
 I have my eye on their 'Bee Garden' bone china mugs and a jar or two of honey as my next purchase!
I can thoroughly recommend their products, they make perfect gifts for anyone who is a nature or garden lover, at prices that are affordable.
Not only that though,  you are also helping support bee conservation charities and of course help keeping our own economy going by buying British, as Beefayre is a 'Made in Englad' UK company.
What do you think to Beefayre? Have you tried any of their products?
Finally, I thought it was perhaps fitting to share with you a few photos of the Bees in my own garden this morning, buzzing away & loving my huge Cranesbill Geranium!
Till next time my lovelies!
Jenny xx


  1. Those candles are really beautiful. The design on the holders is inspired, isn't it. Do you find the burn time good with these? I prefer non-paraffin candles too, but soy candles don't last at all.

  2. I love my candle I bought they burn really nicely and I love the designs, you just sold me on raspberry and rhubarb! :) Xx

  3. The packaging looks gorgeous! Raspberry and rhubarb sounds like a really unique scent for a candle! x

  4. These sound delicious, especially the rhubarb one. I'm also trying to step back from my Yankee Candle obsession so it's reinforcing to hear that these one's smell strong too. Definitely bookmarking that site.

  5. The candles look gorgeous! Be Loved sounds like something I'd love x

  6. Lovely post Jen, love your pictures of the bees! The packaging is just so beautiful, my candles look beautiful sitting on my windowsill in my bedroom :) xx

  7. Love the look of these candles! x