Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Haworth Turns Back Time to 1940......

"Haworth was awash with American Gi's and their jeeps!"
I had been looking forward to, what has to be one of the most famous and spectacular 1940's weekend events for what seemed like an eternity, but finally last weekend it was time for Haworth to turn back time to 1940.......and for me to get 'glammed up' vintage style and Mr RHBD to be persuaded into a RAF uniform!
Haworth is a small town in North Yorkshire and with its quaint cobbled streets and 'Ye Olde' style of architecture of buildings, it lends itself perfectly to being transformed back to the 1940's.
Pretty much the whole town joins in with the event, shop windows are equipped with period posters and props, all the shop assistants and even the pub barmaids, dress in period clothing to add to the atmosphere!
The main, very steep, cobbled streets of Haworth is where most of the hub of activity was, however Haworth does have a beautiful park, which was host to a vintage fair, a 'pop up' marquee pub which had live music and singing from the era, and in the afternoon there was a large area set aside for dancing!
The town also has it's very own steam railway, which was running across the whole weekend ~ this really is like stepping back in time as the whole platform, buildings and signage are as they were many moons ago, before Dr Beeching's axe came down on many rural stations.
"Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye....."
Two fab ladies on the Haworth Steam Train

We visited on the Saturday, as I couldn't possibly have waited till Sunday, and it couldn't have been a more perfectly glorious red hot sunny day!
Although there are many professional re in actors that line the streets, just standing and chatting, to add to the ambiance, the overwhelming majority of visitors to the weekend, are just like myself enthusiastic lovers of vintage and the 40's, who go, fully dressed up in 1940's outfits and uniforms.
This for me, and everyone else I'm sure, makes it a truly memorable event!
 There were so many fabulous outfits and it was heaven for me to see women really dressed like women and men in vintage military uniform...... after all ladies, who doesn't like a man in uniform??
 ahhh total and utter bliss!!...... I felt like I'd come home!
Ok now for the good bit...........the photos's of the day!
I cannot take any credit for any of the photos in this piece, as it was Mr RHBD behind the camera on the day, but he has kindly agreed to let me use them.
Firstly some pics of my day, then some shots of people and the day in general!
American Gi's ......"over paid, over sexed & over here...."
'Little Gem' should have been 'Little Jen' instead!
American Gi's might have all the black market goodies, but my heart will always be with our British RAF boys in blue, for me NOTHING beats a damn fine smart RAF uniform!
Sadly no Military Police Men for me to get my hand on with this jeep ladies!
If American Military Jeeps are your thing then Haworth certainly had it covered!

In the garden at the Bronte Parsonage Museum ~ well worth a visit in it's own right.
 This garden was absolutely beautiful, so peaceful !
"Now, see here Churchill... all this war malarkey has gone on long enough!"
What a face I'm pulling here!.... my feet, by this time, were extremely painful in my heels though!
Boy oh boy was I grateful for this sit down!
I'd just walked up a long very steep cobbled street in very high heels, not a good combo, pain is not the word... but I endured for the war effort!
"Keep Calm & Smile on...."

Just a small snippet of the park and the afternoon dancing!
This couple were amazing! They could really really dance!
They have inspired me to learn how, so I can join in next year!

Some fantastic outfits!

Glad to see the 'Home Guard' keeping a watchful eye on proceedings!
"Listen Very Carefully I Shall Zay Ziss Only Once"
Even the French Resistance made an appearance!

You may recognise these two as the 'beer belly' ladies if you follow me on Twitter ~ they made me howl with laughter in a YouTube video about last years Haworth 1940's event I tweeted!
Plenty of men in uniform ladies!
This one made me giggle, great period uniforms ~
complete with solider phoning home to 2014!

"ohhh those American Gi's.....they get everywhere!"
This little chap was by far the best for me.... sporting a damn fine cardboard RAF Bi Plane ~ Bless him!
Vintage singer,  Jayne Darling,  belting out some fabulous 40's songs from the back of a vintage military GMC truck ~ amazing live performance!
You can follow her on Twitter @JayneDarling1 if you want to find out about further performances.
Haworth 1940's event raises money for the SSAFA (Soldiers, Sailors, Airman and Families Association) Charity, last year £19,000 was raised, which is a phenomenal amount!
For a £5 donation you could have your photo taken in this replica Spitfire, always a crowd 'puller' and pleaser.......not very often you get an opportunity like that!
Dottie Biscuit
 (photo taken & by kind courtesy of @Haworth1940s Twitter act ~ Thank you!) 
Very near to the Spitfire was another vintage market, with more live music and I treated myself to some beautifully handmade and hand finished biscuits from a local company called Dottie Biscuit.
The ladies were both lovely and their stall was a feast for the eyes ~ filled to the brim with a huge array of different biscuits, some with war time themes of course!
All hand finished and beautifully displayed ~ it would have been rude not to indulge myself with one or three to be precise!!
I chose The Honey Pot, no surprise there then to those of you who know I'm bee mad, then two war inspired biscuits 'Dig for Victory' watering can,  and the iconic Spitfire ~ sadly the Spitfire caught a bit of 'flack' on its homeward journey and didn't arrive in one piece!
I can confirm these biscuits were utterly delicious!
If you have a vintage or corporate event or a wedding or anniversary to celebrate then Dottie Biscuit can make personalised and specially designed biscuits just for you!
They can be found here or give them a follow on Twitter @DottieBiscuit
A couple of 'funnies' for you, these two made me laugh on the way up the main street...........they need no explanation as to why!!!
Finally a pic of my hair and make up for the day, I totally forgot to take one before setting off so this was taken when we got home!
My hair isn't quite as vintage as it was earlier in the day, but over all it's lasted well to say it was several hours later and outside in boiling hot sun all day!
My vintage inspired dress was from The Pretty Dress Company ~ the Hourglass Pencil style.
I had a totally and utterly amazing day in Haworth and immersed myself in the 40's! I was one happy bunny!
I was so thrilled with the experience and it was so well organised,  so much effort had been put into every aspect of it, it really is well worth a visit ~ even if you are not interested in the 1940's........you will be by the end of your visit !!!!
There was so much to see that really you can't do it all in the one day, I would have dearly loved to go back again on the Sunday if I could have, when they had a fly over from a Dakota, which would have been great to see!
Next year I will be attending both days, even more 'vintaged up' with vintage hat and gloves and whatever other accessories I can find over the next year!!
...........and I will definitely be taking some flat shoes in my handbag for the downward stretch of the very steep cobbled streets!
If you want to read more about Haworth 1940's weekend their very own website can be found here or if you just can't get enough and want regular updates then follow them on Twitter @Haworth1940s
Did you attend Haworth this year?
Let me know!
I've never had my photo taken so much as I did on Saturday so if you photographed me then I'd love to see the pics!
Tweet me @Redfox_Diaries or leave a comment below.
Till next time my vintage lovelies!
Jenny xx





  1. Just found your blog on Twitter!! Brilliant post! I went too on the sam day and last year on the sunday! Its one of my favorite events and your pictures were stunning! I'll be doing a post soon too if you'd like to check it out! I'm at lost-arrows.blogspot.com I'm glad you had a great time!! x

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time and you were looking very glam :-)

  3. This looks great! You look beautiful too, love the hair & the dress! x

  4. It looks like you had so much fun! I would love dressing up vintage style, (though the heels do sound killer). You look great!

  5. Wow, looks like a great day, love the pics and everyones outfits :) x

  6. Firstly, you look amazing in all those photos. Looks like you had a wonderful time x

  7. You look fabulous! What a great day out. I adore Haworth such a special wee place x

  8. What a fabulous day you had and in Haworth too :) My father is originally from Laycock near Keighly so I know Haworth well. You look fabulous in 40's get up ! You were obviously born a couple of generations too late xx