Sunday, 27 July 2014

Budget Natural Face Of The Day ~ Featuring Benecos

I love playing about with make up and my transition over to natural make up is very much an on going project. 
I hope to be able to only use natural make up one day, but so far, I'm a couple of years in and I'd say I'm probably around a 60/40 ratio, in favour of natural, so I'm getting there girls!
At the moment I am trying to champion more budget options to going 'green',  both in skincare & make up.
There's not many of us that have unlimited supplies of cash, I certainly don't, and I do think there is a common misconception that natural & or organic products are expensive......yes they can be, certainly, but there are some very good, and sometimes even better affordable alternatives.
Natural make up can be a total minefield and somewhat expensive, however there are a few very good brands out there that fall very much into the 'budget' category.
Lily Lolo is one brand but today I'm going to show you a look using mostly Benecos brand make up and a blush from INIKA.
I hope that everyone will be able to afford at least some of the products, and I have kept the products to a minimum, you don't need a armoury full of make up to produce a polished day time look, with minimal effort, that will suit everyone.
Ok, here we go!!
I've stuck to just four products, the three from Benecos are ~
Natural Cream Foundation in shade Nude 30ml for £8.95
I've found this make up overall to be good value for money. I have it in Nude, which is the palest shade they do, and when I first bought this in the winter, it was too dark for me, however now the summer is here and I have picked up a little (& I mean a little) colour I can just about get away with it.
It gives very good coverage, one thin layer is more than enough for me, and usually go for two thin ones, in most foundations. You do have to work with this very quickly though as it has a tendency to dry rather quickly on the skin, so you need to be efficient at blending it out and you need to blend very well, especially around the hair line and eyebrows as it can catch here if you are not careful. I would recommend always applying this in full daylight, it's not one to be slapped on when you are half asleep or in the dark, as you need to check it has blended properly!!
I don't think any more than one layer of this would look good, it would get very cakey, very quickly, so if you have any imperfections that perhaps two layers of foundation would cover, don't with this one, use a concealer to hide these!!
It lasts well on my skin, several hours and of course you can powder over it to give it a bit more staying power
Over all it has a nice consistency and smells pleasant and if you are willing to make a bit more effort in it's application then it gives a nice semi matte finish.
It's not perfect by any means but for £8.95 it's giving a good finished look with a few concessions in the application of it.
I would buy it again if it had a paler shade option, say Porcelain with more pinky undertones, as it would be a better match for my skin.
Natural Mascara Maximum Volume in Deep Black 8ml for £6.95
I really like this mascara, the brush is magnificent, really thick and bushy and this really grips your lashes from root to tip and it seems to coat them in just the right amount of mascara without it looking lumpy or cakey! It defines each lash very well and does add a little volume, it's not going to give you massive 'false lash' effects, but it's more than enough definition for daytime.
It lasts fairly well, I have had some dropping by the time I get home, but I have got naturally long lashes and do have a problem with this generally, even Chanels mascaras have done it, so I'm not holding this against it!
Overall this gets a good thumbs up from me and for £6.95 for a natural mascara its a good budget buy.
Natural Lip Liner in Pink 1.13g for £3.95
This was my first ever Benecos purchase and one of my first natural make up purchases. This is a excellent lip liner, it is soft for starters, so many lip liners are just so hard and awful and just don't impart any colour onto your lips at all without pressing on so hard it hurts your lips!  Not so with this one, it glides over the lips easily and gives very good colour, I've used it today all over my lips as a lipstick and it certainly makes my lips pop and you can see how 'pink' they look!
It is fairly matte, as you would expect from a liner, however it still feels quite moisturising on and I've just dabbed a little lip balm over the top just to add a bit more sheen and you could easily apply a clear lip gloss over if you wanted a more glossy look.
I am totally recommending you at least try this liner if nothing else, for £3.95 its a steal and performs better than some of my expensive liners, (Clinique is springing to mind!). The only down side is there are only two colours this pink & a nude.

I've added a mineral blush from INIKA in Pink Pinch, although INIKA is not a budget brand this blush seems to be reduced in quite a few places now from £17 to £11.86 (buy here at reduced price )
which brings it down to within affordability, hopefully and is certainly a bargain price for a luxury natural make up brand like INIKA!
INIKA Rosy Glow Pot Blush in Pink Pinch reduced to £11.86
I do really struggle with natural blushers as I don't like a matte finish. My skin is so fair that if I put a matte blush on I look very ashy and 'dead', so I always have one that has a little glow to it, this is quite hard to find in budget brands as most of them are matte. This one from INIKA is fabulous, really gives a good healthy glow to the cheeks, but is not too over the top pink, so it's suitable for fairer skins. It's very good quality and lasts a very long time as you only need a tiny amount blended onto a blush brush.  Very long lasting on the cheeks too, I've never had to top this up during the day.
Highly recommended any day of the week, but even more so now it's reduced.
Total cost £31.71
Which is pretty good for key pieces of natural make up, including a foundation!
This look can be vamped up for evenings by replacing the pink lip liner for a red lipstick and Benecos do a fabulous one, I wear this lipstick most every day, and if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram then it is either this one or Organic Glams red I am always wearing!
It's shade Just Red and £6.95.
 I would heartily recommend their lipsticks, they are soft supple, moisturising, long lasting and are very well pigmented. This red is spot on for me and my vintage looks!
Benecos do a much fuller range of make up than what I've shown you here and from my expereince of their products so far, I'd be more than happy to give the other products a go.
Have a browse here for the full range.
I'm no spring chicken and will be 40 in a couple of weeks, but I hope you will agree this look will suit everyone, whether you are 16 or 96, its fresh, simple and can be adapted to any skin tone, just choose the right colours to suit you, but above all I hope it's highlighted the fact that natural make up can be affordable and still give a good performance and finish.
Till Next Time My Lovelies!
Jenny xx


  1. Looking lovely as always in this post Jen, I think some more pricey items I have are worth it in the long run as they last a long time but you are right there are some great budget brands like Avril and Benecos too, love this post! :) Xx

  2. You look beautiful as always Jen! Just goes to show you don't need to spend a fortune to look good in natural/organic makeup! Love the sound of the lipliner. I have one of their blushes are its lovely :) xx

  3. I'm sure you have already, but if you haven't you must try the Benecos eyeliners. My sister and I love their white eyeliner for the waterline (wrote a whole post about it on my blog!). Such good quality for the price. xx