Saturday, 5 July 2014

Essential Care Odylique Gardeners Rescue Kit

I've recently been rekindling my love for Essential Care as a brand, as it has gone through a bit of a transformation as regards packaging styling and has some new additions to the range.
One of my favourite new discoveries is the Odylique Gardeners Rescue Kit.
Beautifully packaged in a small gift box tied with a teal ribbon, it contains two mini, but still generously sized products ~ Odylique Calendula Balm 20g & Odylique Spot On Serum 20g.
If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you will already know I am a keen gardener, and am spending most of my spare time at the moment, outside tending my garden and these two products have proved to be invaluable!
I am already a huge believer in the healing and soothing properties of Calendula and have used many different products, very successfully with it as an ingredient.
It's use medicinally has also been well documented for centuries, and is still used widely today in homeopathic remedies and medicine as well as skincare.

(Crop of Calendula plants at Weleda UK 'The Field' Gardens I was lucky enough to visit last week)
The balm is 100% natural and 100% Soil Association approved organic.
Not only does it contain a good quantity of Calendula, but also calming and soothing Chamomile and moisturising raw Shea Butter. 
I love multi purpose balms and this one certainly fits the bill, Calendula is commonly used to heal and soothe any sort of dry, chapped, cracked sore cuticles or skin anywhere on the body including lips, and you can certainly use this balm on those problems.
However my personal 'hero' moment with this balm, was strangely was not in the garden at all, but in the kitchen!
I burnt my hand quite badly while taking a baking tray out of the oven and although the burn wasn't very big it was incredibly painful, very red and was smarting and stinging like no bodies business!!
I had this balm on the side in the kitchen and reached for it and immediately applied a good thick layer covering the burn completely.
Within 10 minutes the smarting pain had gone completely!! Even for me, this was quite amazing !
Burns normally take quite a while to heal up on me and continue to be painful even days after the initial injury.
However after applying this balm regularly, my burn healed very quickly, within a few days, with far less pain and redness on the skin and without leaving a scar.
I know for a fact, if I had just used Savlon, for example, the burn would have taken far longer to heal,  been much more painful in the process, and would have left a red scar on the skin that would have taken a very long time to fade.
I have also had very good healing results from scratches in the garden from rose thorns and I did  have a particularly bad scratch from a bramble that had found it's way under my garden fence and wasn't happy that I cut it off!! but this balm soon had it healed up in no time at all.
There are many balms out there on the market but this one stands out for me not only in it's quality and excellent results but also for its texture and scent.
Some balms can be very hard and difficult to use, however this one is beautifully soft and supple, making it easy to apply and takes very little effort to work it into the skin, which for me was priceless on my burn as I didn't want to apply too much pressure to the skin as it was already painful enough!!
It melts onto the skin and becomes a oil almost but it can be applied in a much thicker protective layer if needs be.
The balms colour and scent is amazing!
It's beautiful deep yellow is of course the natural colour from the Calendula flower itself.
 The scent is also absolutely lovely, soft and very sweet and floral but still very fresh, it really reminds me of what a meadow would smell like in high summer.
It's not overpowering at all and just adds to the pleasure of using it for me, after all it's always much nicer to put something on your skin that smells good as well as delivering results!
I also love the new Odylique packaging, its simple but pretty.
This very handy sized pot, easily fits into a pocket and although its considered a mini size, even with regular use it would last some time as you don't need a large amount and I actually prefer smaller sized balms to a massive pot as they can be quite hard to use them up completely before the go 'off' and have to be thrown away.
The shelf life of this is 6mths once opened, so I'm confident I will get through this before it's time is up!!
This is available in a larger 50g pot but once this is gone I will still repurchase in the smaller size, as it just suits me better.

The Odylique Spot On Serum (SOS Serum) is also 100% natural & Soil Association organic and has a powerful blend of anti bacterial and soothing plant oils and extracts.
Tea Tree Oil,  Lavender Oil & Echinacea extract are all well documented as having anti bacterial properties.
Aloe Vera juice & Calendula both have soothing and calming healing properties, so this serum lends itself perfectly to treat any sort of minor injury on the skin such as a scratch or insect sting or bite but can also double up as a very good healing blemish treatment for those 'time of the month' breakouts too!!
I've used this serum so far on one midge bite, and although it didn't stop the itching completely, it did lessen the irritation and the red lump that normally forms around the bite was less 'lumpy' and it did reduce the time the bite took to heal up.
 My main use for this has been on spots, unfortunately I do still get a few hormonal breakouts, even at 39! and this serum has really helped to heal and clear them up quickly. They have been less painful, less red and angry looking and have gone down better and have had to have less 'interference' from me!!
It's serum texture sinks into the skin easily and doesn't leave any residue, so it's perfect for applying to blemishes on days without make up, although I've used this under make up without any trouble at all too, also good for teenage girls and boys for this very reason.
It does have quite a strong scent of Tea Tree, I don't mind this and actually quite like it's fresh but slightly medicinal scent, but it does linger on the skin somewhat, not all day, but for a good hour or so, so if you really don't like the smell of Tea Tree then you might struggle with this.
It reminds me very much of Liz Earle Spot On Treatment, which has been discontinued now for many years, it scent is very similar and I would say it does pretty much the same job but in a gentler way on the skin, this is down to the Aloe Vera and Calendula.
So if you were a fan of that, then this is very much worth a try.
As with the Calendula Balm, the packaging is lovely and the small size is perfect for carrying around. I think I will get through this quicker than the Calendula Balm, but 20ml is still going to last me a fair while and I will certainly repurchase this in the bigger tube.
It's shelf life is a very good 12mths once opened though, so plenty of time to use this up.
Although this is marketed as a Gardeners Rescue Kit, everyone, gardener or not, can benefit from having these two to hand.
They really are the perfect duo to treat those little first aid minor skin emergencies, in a completely natural way.
One final positive that I also loved about this little kit was the price ~ £12.50.
This really is a very affordable way to try out these amazing products for yourself but as a gift purchase, not only is it already beautifully wrapped for you, but I think it certainly looks a much higher price point than £12.50!
You can browse Essential Care's lovely website here
Till next time my lovelies!
Jenny xx


  1. I love the calendula balm too, great shot of the calendula at Weleda too, was so great to meet you and I thoroughly enjoyed the day :) Xx

  2. Great review! The calendula balm sounds like something everyone should have! x

  3. I really love the Calendula healing balm, I find it a fantastic addition to my beauty cupboard :) Nice post xx