Saturday, 20 September 2014

Budget Natural Beauty ~ Organic Rose Water Toner

I've used many, many different kinds of natural toners over the years, but I always end up coming back to good old fashioned rose water.
It's always calming, soothing and refreshing on the skin, as well as helping to promote skin healing and regeneration.  
It works well as a mid day spritz 'pick me up' if kept in the fridge for hot days or if you are at the time of life when you are having 'tropical moments'.
In my opinion up until fairly recently, certainly the last couple of years, rosewater has always been a budget option for a toner, however there are now many rosewater toners/mists out there now that are very expensive and don't fall within the budget category.
Of course it's 'horses for courses' and theres nothing wrong at all with a luxury rosewater toner and I myself own and love using a few of them too, but I have been searching for a back to basics good quality rose water and I've found a fabulous one!
Naturally Thinking Organic Floral Rose Water is by far the most economical way of buying it for the quality, the bottle I have is 1000ml (1litre) and was £10, yes that's right £10!
Now I know the bottle isn't the most attractive in the world, and is certainly basic, however I have decanted it into two old glass bottles from Essential Care and Therapi, both of which contained rose water previously, so it looks more attractive on my dressing table, and has saved these two from the recycling bin!!
The Rose Water is made from Bulgarian rose's using steam distillation and is not preserved in alcohol. It only has two ingredients, Rosa Damask Water & Sodium Benzoate which is used as the preservative, giving it a shelf life of 12 months once opened.
Since I purchased this Naturally Thinking are now offering an un preserved version, which is just the Rosa Damask Water alone, nothing else, which I will be purchasing next time around, however this does significantly reduce it's shelf life down to 3 months, and it is slightly more expensive at £15, but that is still budget price without a doubt!
I have been using this for a good couple of months now and am very pleased with it, its lovely quality and it certainly stands up against my more expensive rose waters, leaving my skin feeling refreshed, calm, and hydrated after cleansing and has a beautiful delicate scent of fresh roses.
I also always use rosewater for mixing up into a paste powder clay masks, instead of just plain tap water, making it more of a skin treatment. This is where this budget rosewater can really come into it's own, even if you don't want to use it as your everyday toner, it is perfect for mask mixing.
In the past I have sometimes been reluctant to use a £25 Rosewater for this purpose, as I would rather savour them straight onto my skin, but with this one you can go ahead and use it knowing there's plenty of it and it's not going to break the bank to repurchase it!
Smaller sizes are available and prices start at just £3 for 100ml, so you can try this out for very little outlay.
I can thoroughly recommend this Rose Water to everyone, whether you need to be cost conscious or not, for me it's an absolute beauty regime staple!
Naturally Thinking Rose Water can be purchased here
Jenny xx 


  1. Such a good idea to put them in posh bottles, looks so much nicer then! Such a bargain too! x

  2. Nice post, fun to hear about multipurpose products like this although rosewater is one of the very few things that irritates my skin. Very strange since it seems to be soothing to everyone else.

  3. I love Naturally Thinking. I find them such good value for money x

  4. I love rosewater toners and always have a tendency to come back to them as well, especially when my skin is playing up. Never thought to buy a huge bottle of it though so will have to check that one out! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  5. Love, love, love rosewater. My favourite is by Steenbergs organic, post on my blog:

    I think I might give the Naturally Thinking one a try though. Really useful post.