Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Organic Skincare Week ~ Pinks Boutique

It's Organic Beauty Week from the 8th ~ 14th of September so I decided to give a brand I have never tried before a go.
Pinks Boutique is a luxury organic skincare brand that is spa based for professional use, but their products are also available for the public to use too.
 All of the products are hand blended in the Uk and use natural and organic ingredients approved by the Soil Association, they are also free from synthetic preservatives, mineral oil and PEGS.
Find out more about their 'free from' & why ethos  here
 They are of course cruelty free and test on humans not animals.
I'm pleased to say that Pinks Boutique offer a very good selection of 'try me' sets, which I really wish more companies would do.

I decided to try the Rose Body Set*, I love anything rose related and body products always come last on the list when it comes to buying beauty products!

It comes beautifully presented in a very smart box, tied with a Pinks Boutique ribbon and inside the four products are scattered with dried rose heads and petals, which I though was a beautiful touch.

Each product also comes with it's own card describing it's use and ingredients.

Rose & Geranium Body Wash 10g, is surprisingly I think my favourite product out of the whole set, but the one I thought I would like the least!
I am quite funny about natural body washes, as they usually disappoint me, and as Rose Geranium as a ingredient isn't one of my favourite oils due to scent, I thought I wouldn't like this, however it is utterly gorgeous and certainly lives up to it's name of being a luxurious body wash!
One of my main gripes about natural body washes that don't contain SLS, which is the usual foaming agent used in non natural products,  is that they simply don't lather up very well, and I like to have a good lather going on, on my body otherwise I just don't feel like I'm clean, it's a psychological thing I know, but it's the way I am I'm afraid!!
This I'm pleased to say lathers up very well, the foam is quite fine, very small bubbles, and feels very luxuriously silky smooth and soft on your skin.
Its main essential oils are Rose Flower Oil, Rose Geranium Oil and Lavender Oil, however it doesn't smell too 'rosey' it smells very similar to Liz Earle Botanical Body Wash, which I also love, so if you are a fan of that then I think you will like this too.
I would definitely buy this in the full size bottle, its smells lovely, leaves your skin soft,  gently cleansed and lightly scented, has good quality organic ingredients, and turns your everyday bath or shower into an indulgent treat, now you can't ask for much more than that from a shower wash can you?!?!
The Rose Crystal Bath Soak is based around the already well known natural mineral salts of  Himalayan Minerals, Dead Sea Salts and good old fashioned Epsom Salts, all of which are well documented for their healing elements,  mixed together with a blend of rose essential oils, which can help to aid sleep, soften skin and promote skin healing as well as making it a more luxurious and pleasurable treat.
I have to be honest here and say I couldn't really test this product properly as the pot was only 6g, which was barely a teaspoon full and the instructions do advise 2-3 heaped teaspoons to be added to a bath, so quite clearly this wasn't anywhere near enough for a proper treatment.
However all was not lost, I decided to use this in a smaller bowl as a 5 min hand soak before I did my weekly manicure and then recycled the water straight away for a foot soak. so I did get a feel for the product if not quite in the way it was intended!
The first thing that struck me was the glorious scent of roses that you get as soon as the salts hit the water, it really was quite strong, but not overpowering for me as I love roses!It really filled the living room, so I could imagine in a smaller bathroom with the door shut and the steam from a hot bath it really would be quite spa like and totally relaxing.
My hands were not in the water for that long, but were left soft and gently scented. I soaked my feet for about 15 mins and I have to say I did start to feel quite sleepy and I do put that down to breathing in the rose essential oil scents.
I think it is a shame there isn't enough product for a full bath, and to be honest I think that there really should be enough in the set for one, but I did like the salts.
 There are many products out there containing Dead Sea Salts and Himalayan Mineral Salts, and Epsom Salts are cheaply available from any chemist, the blend and the addition of the Rose essential oils really turn this into a luxury treatment in your bathroom and I would be happy to buy a full sized pot of this as a special treat.
The Rosehip Face & Body Scrub was the product I was most looking forward using, I am a bit of a scrubaholic and I liked the fact that this one has a double use.
The scrub is absolutely packed full of beautiful skin nourishing organic botanical oils. Crushed rosehip kernels are used as the exfoliating particles.
The scrub is almost a balm like texture and melts across the skin really well.
The rosehip kernels are very finely crushed and do a excellent job of exfoliating the skin but in a very gentle way. My skin was left feeling baby smooth and soft.
You only need a very small amount of this and I will be able to get a good few applications out of it so a full sized pot would certainly last a long time if you reserved this for your face alone!

I did like this but personally I prefer this as a facial scrub as it is so fine, however it would be perfect if you have more sensitive skin on the body find other body scrubs too vigorous.
I would buy this full size, but again it would have to be a very special treat.
The final product is the Rose Face & Body Balm.
This really is a very moisturising rose infused balm, its shea butter base is blended together with many gorgeous organic botanical oil.
It smells absolutely heavenly, rose personified, and I would be happy just to have this pot just to smell never mind put onto your skin!!
I didn't use this on my face as it would be far too moisturising, but it was perfect on my legs and hands, which are the driest part of my body, leaving them gently scented with rose.
It's a lovely soft balm, very easy to apply and a little certainly goes a long way! The one thing I really loved was how if left my skin feeling so soft and smooth and also how there was no greasy or slippy residue left on the skin, as I have sometimes found using other balms, it almost has a 'dry' quality to it, which sounds odd as it is so moisturising!!
If you have really dry skin then this would be a very good balm for you.
Although I did like this balm, I probably wouldn't buy it full size as it really is for very dry skin and I my skin isn't really quite dry enough to warrant spending the money for this.

This set retails for £20,  but to celebrate Organic Beauty Week Pinks Boutique are offering two try me sets for the discounted price of £25 (excluding the Anti Ageing set, but this has been discounted to £15)
The full range of products and 'Try Me' Sets can be found here

*Product supplied complimentary by Pinks Boutique
Jenny xx 


  1. Such lovely photos Jen, I adore this brand and I love the manicure set I chose :) Xx

  2. I was sent the Pedicure set & really like it. All of this sounds so lovely especially the bath soak...shame there wasn't much but a good idea to use it as a hand soak! xx

  3. Lovely review, the Pinks Boutique Try Me sets are fab! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves