Monday, 15 December 2014

~ Handmade Christmas Ribbon Bow Tutorial ~

If you are trying to keep to a strict budget for Christmas gifts, then wrapping paper, boxes and sundries can really start to add up to a fair few pounds if you are not careful.
This year I have been using thrifty wrapping solutions and using my own craft skills to embellish my gifts and give them a more personalised touch.
I've made my own ribbon bows for a fraction of what it would cost you to buy one!
They are super easy to make and require very little crafting skills, if you can sew on a button, then you can make one of these!
You will need a few basic materials ~
Christmas ribbon, a coloured button to tone in with your ribbon, coloured cotton to match your ribbon/button choice, needle, scissors & dressmaking pins.
~Step 1 ~
Make a small loop in one end of the ribbon, as big as you want your finished bow to be.
 Next make another loop the same size over the front of the first loop, at an angle, then pin together and sew a couple of stitches through both loops to secure them together.
~Step 2 ~
Continue making the loops over the front of the previous loops, spacing them apart so they create a fan shape, six or seven loops should be enough but it will depend on the diameter of the ribbon you have chosen. 
Keep pinning and sewing them together as you go along, then once you are happy with your bows size, trim off the excess ribbon.
~ Step 3 ~
Take two lengths of ribbon, the same size, as long as you want the 'tails' of the bows to be.
Make loops in both of them, a little smaller than the loops in your bow and pin them.
~ Step 4 ~
Position the two loops over each other at the centre of your bow, to form a cross shape, and the 'tails' are as they would be if you had tied a bow (see pic above).
Pin the tails in place first to make sure you are happy with their position, then stitch them securely to the main body of the bow.
~ Step 5 ~
Take the button and position it over where the two loops of the 'tails' meet, so it is central and covers the small stitches you have made to secure them to the bow.
 Sew the button into place.
~ Step 6 ~
That's it!! You have finished your bow!
You can now add it to whatever you wish.
  If you want to add it to a Christmas gift then it can either be glued into place with a small blob of UHU glue, or if you have used ribbon to wrap your gift, it can be hand sewn onto it.
I chose this ribbon to tie in with the red & white theme of this gifts wrapping.  The whole gift has been wrapped for very little cost.
The Holly & Button 'homemade' look paper was £1 for a massive 10 metres, gift tag 5p, (£1 for a pack of  20), both Poundland.
The bow was around 40p for me to make and the pre made felt 'handmade look' Heart was a £1
 (set of 3 £3) from HobbyCraft.
You could easily rustle up a few felt hearts and other 'keepsake' embellishments for your wrapping from scraps of felt or material for a few pennies, if you are a crafter already and have these to hand.
Very simple brown paper can easily be made to look smart with the addition of a nice bow, gift tag and Christmas keepsake.
  Given more of a handmade look with the addition of a few coloured buttons.
 Keep the buttons within your colour scheme, and glued to the brown paper & gift tag,  really add a personalised feel to your gift!
If you haven't wrapped your gifts yet, then give bow making a try!
Jenny xx

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