Tuesday, 16 December 2014

~ Heart & Home Festive Soy Candles ~

If you are in need of a few stocking fillers or 'Secret Santa's' that come in at under a fiver then I've found the perfect solution!
I can't think of too many people who wouldn't welcome a scented candle in their stocking!
Heart & Home Christmas Candle Jars ~ £4.99
I've really made an effort this year to support smaller local businesses when doing my Christmas shopping and my local garden centre's have proven to be a really good place to find unusual small gift items at very reasonable prices!
This is exactly where I found Heart & Home Candles. 
They are of course very similar to Yankee Candles, but the one difference is they are made of natural soy wax rather than paraffin based wax and are often seen as the 'greener' alternative.
 Soy wax gives you a much cleaner burn, improving the air quality of your home and avoids any of the black smoke that can be given off by paraffin based candles jars.
There are a few festive scents to choose from but my favourite two that summed up 'Christmas' to me were 'Christmas Cupcake' and 'Waiting For Santa'
Christmas Cupcake has a very warm comforting scent, of vanilla sponge cake with a hint of mint and a very slightly spicy edge.  I sometimes find vanilla and other 'cupcake' candle scents can be a little sickly and headachy but I've not had a problem with this one, the only downside to it is it seriously makes you want to eat several cupcakes!
Waiting For Santa is my favourite out of the two, it really is my favourite kind of Christmas scent, it combines cinnamon, with winter berries and festive spices, it really is the scent of Christmas to me!
I have been burning both these candles at home for a couple of weeks now and am very pleased with them. The scent is throughout the candle, not just sprayed onto the surface, and it fragrance's the room beautifully.
They burn evenly and cleanly and every scrap of soy wax is burnt properly. I have had no 'tunnelling' of the wax with these at all.
It's also worth mentioning that the metal lids are not only beautifully decorated but have a very good rubber seal too,  so you can pop them back on after you have burnt you candle a little, and it will preserve the scent within the candle properly.

I've been, and still am an avid fan of Yankee Candles, but the jars can be very expensive and even the small jars are closer to £10 now.
 Heart & Home offer a fantastic cheaper alternative that certainly doesn't skimp on candle quality or presentation.
These small jars are 110g and have a burn time of 30hrs.
I think are beautifully packaged and are well worth £4.99 of any ones money!
Heart & Home also offer Votive Candles, £1.99 and Wax Melts £1.25 in the same festive scents, and even better for thrifty stocking fillers and fabulous as an introduction to soy candles yourself if you've never tried them before.
I have struggled to find Heart & Home Candles online but Amazon do sell a selection here if you can't find them locally to you.
Jenny xx

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